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Color Orange
Size 25gr
Temperature 0°C - -8°C

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Elevate Your Skiing Experience with SNOOW ECO RACE BLOCK 25gr

Introducing the ultimate Top-Finishing touch for competition skis: the ECO RACE BLOCK. Elevating your skiing performance to new heights, this innovative rub-on product is designed to perfect your ski base for optimal speed and agility on the slopes.

  • ORANGE: WARM Temperatures
  • Snow temperature: 0°C to -8°C
  • Air temperature: -2°C  to -10°C
  • Air moisture: 60-100% / High
  • Application: Rotor fleece, or Rotor cork, or Hand cork. The final step is to polish for the best result.

Crafted to complement our acclaimed ECO RACE paraffin products, the ECO RACE Block is the final step in achieving professional-grade ski performance. After meticulously preparing your ski base with our base-preparation process and applying the paraffin products, the ECO RACE Block steps in to deliver unparalleled performance enhancement.

Application is effortless and versatile. Whether you prefer the precision of using a rotor fleece to evenly distribute the product or the hands-on approach of rubbing the block directly onto the ski base and working it in with a rotor cork, achieving that coveted glide has never been easier. Finish off by delicately polishing the ski base with a soft brush or fleece to unlock its full potential.

Experience the difference with the ECO RACE Block and dominate the slopes with confidence. It's time to unleash the true speed and agility of your skis like never before.

Our ECO RACE product line focuses on maximum performance with low ecological impact. Packaging has been developed to minimize the ecological footprint as far as possible.

The ECO RACE line is developed to replace the PFC RACE line.

Our ECO products are FREE from PFC C6 four carbons.

Our Ski Waxes are engineered and produced in Switzerland. Every product has a unique formula to maximize the glide in specific snow and weather conditions. The SNOOW products are Innovative products that you won't find anywhere else.

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We are professionals

We have a long experience in working with professional athletes and teams to provide market leading products. We are here to challenge the norm and to innovate. We care for the sports and we care for our nature.

Knowledge is key

We know where our product makes a difference! We also know what other factors that plays a major role achieving the best result. Maximizing your glide depends on your ability to combine several parameters and products. Understanding the snow conditions in combination of temperature and humidity, and your ability to understand the character and properties of your skis from the shape, stiffness, and base structure plays a major role in achieving the best result. Add to that your ability to stand on your skis gliding and transferring your power achieving the highest speed forward.