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Our Ambition

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The taste of Winning

Christof Innerhofer

In 2013 Christof Innerhofer became the first Italian in 16 years to tame the Lauberhorn and win the classic Wengen downhill.

We are here to create more winners!


We speak in a way that our customers understand. We do not hide among trendy wording or difficult-to-interpret clauses. We are clear and transparent in everything we do, from offers to agreements. Our actions are our proof.


We have a genuine customer commitment and interest in the customer's business. We contribute to innovation and simplicity for our customers. We dare to be personal.

Full Freedom

Surfing on a Cloud

You know the feeling of well prepared skis and catching the perfect conditions with fresh powder.

We live for those moments!

The breaktrhough

The show by Nadine Fähndrich

In December 2022 the 27-year-old from Lucerne wins the cross-country home World Cup in Davos.

We share the fighting spirit and the desire to win with Nadine!


We have efficient working methods and fast decision-making processes. We are quickly with the customer and find solutions. We are available.

Solution focused

We are flexible, we don't lock ourselves into fixed patterns or roles and we are inclined to find new paths. Our focus is on the solution, not on hardware and technology.

Mastering the Snow

Understanding the Elements

In an ever changing environment where our weather climate shifts over night, we know how to master the temperatures and how the snow crystals transforms.

We are the "Stradivarius" of Ski Waxes.

Knowledge of the Material

We know about Skis

To Innovate and develop the fastest Ski Waxes in the world we need to understand the material and the application of the ski waxes to maximize the result.

In a world that is constantly evolving we have the same curiosity to learn as when we were kids!


We call and check with our customers. We explain to and communicate with our customers. We are willing to use tools that help us proactively make a difference!


Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.

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