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Temperature 0°C - -20°C

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Elevate Your Skiing Experience with SNOOW ECO CORE PARAFFIN 180gr

This is a Bundle that Includes 3 x 180gr Hot Wax Paraffin.

Introducing the SNOOW ECO CORE PARAFFIN 180gr, a high-performance glide wax meticulously crafted for enthusiasts across all ski disciplines.

  • ORANGE: WARM Temperatures
  • Snow temperature: 0°C to -8°C
  • Air temperature: -2°C  to -10°C
  • Air moisture: 60-100% / High
  • Iron temperature: 130°C
  • RED: MID Temperatures
  • Snow temperature: -4°C to -12°C
  • Air temperature: -2°C  to -14°C
  • Air moisture: 40-80% / Mid
  • Iron temperature: 140°C
  • WHITE: COLD Temperatures
  • Snow temperature: -7°C to -20°C
  • Air temperature: -10°C to -25°C
  • Air moisture: 0-60% / Low
  • Iron temperature: 150°C

This Hot Ski Wax embraces traditional application methods, inviting you to indulge in the timeless art of ski maintenance with a hot waxing iron. After melting the hot wax onto your ski base, a simple yet crucial process follows – the scrape and brush ritual. This meticulous step ensures the best gliding result, promising a ride down the slopes that feels nothing short of exceptional.

Versatility is at the heart of the ECO CORE PARAFFIN 180gr, making it the ideal choice for base preparation, whether you're gearing up for a race, a training session, or a leisurely day of recreational skiing. Its compatibility extends to alpine skis, freeride skis, and even your trusty snowboard.

Experience a superior glide feeling as you carve through the snow, allowing you to concentrate on perfecting your skiing technique with every exhilarating run. The ECO CORE paraffin block is not only bigger, providing extensive coverage, but it also stands as a price-competitive option, ensuring top-notch performance without compromise.

Crafted with precision and innovation in Switzerland, the ECO CORE PARAFFIN 180gr is more than just a ski wax; it's a premium, high-quality product that embodies the essence of Swiss excellence. Elevate your skiing adventure with SNOOW and embrace the unparalleled joy of gliding down the slopes in style.


Our ECO CORE product line focuses on maximum performance with low ecological impact. Packaging has been developed to minimize the ecological footprint as far as possible.

Our ECO products are FREE from PFC C6 four carbons.

Our Ski Waxes are engineered and produced in Switzerland. Every product has a unique formula to maximize the glide in specific snow and weather conditions. The SNOOW products are Innovative products that you won't find anywhere else.

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Vi vet var vår produkt gör skillnad! Vi vet också vilka andra faktorer som spelar en viktig roll som uppnår det bästa resultatet. Att maximera din glid beror på din förmåga att kombinera flera parametrar och produkter. Att förstå snöförhållandena i kombination av temperatur och luftfuktighet, och din förmåga att förstå karaktären och egenskaperna hos dina skidor från formen, styvheten och basstrukturen spelar en viktig roll för att uppnå det bästa resultatet. Lägg till det din förmåga att stå på dina skidor glidande och överföra din kraft och uppnå högsta hastighet framåt.